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From design to installation

Customer-specific designs of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic products | industrietec GmbH
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  • Manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic products | industrietec GmbH

Our many years' experience of building industrial systems, the major challenges of our international business partners and the constant adaptation to new technologies have enabled us to also specialise in the manufacture of our own products. Various flow and pressure valves, various hoses with a variety of connectors, filters, pumps, compressors and other individual parts for the construction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, assemblies with electric and diesel motors and switching centres for industrial automation are assembled professionally and in line with standards. Of course we also repair and service these products.

Hydraulic Assemblies

From the idea to installation. We offer you a full range of services.

Pneumatic Systems

We produce pneumatic systems for you that meet your needs.

Hose Systems

Our flexible hose systems ensure a perfect fit.                               

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